Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Your employees are the individuals who directly or indirectly contribute to the success of the organization. Therefore, it is highly important to work with them and interact with them in a manner that they are happy andmotivated. This will eventually have a positive impact on the productivity of the company. Here are some tips.

Listen to their needs

This is one aspect that every management should put into action as needs and wants may differ from one employee to another. Communicate with them through meetings or surveys to determine whether all resources and tools provided aid them in reaching their goals. Moreover, observe your employees and try to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This may help you to improve their skills through training programs. You can also have individual discussions with them to ensure that they are satisfied at the work place. 


It is important that the management of any company ensures to pay their employees on time. The payroll Hong Kong of each employee should be created and maintained in a reliable manner to ensure that they get paid for all the services they have provided. It should be calculated after taking into consideration factors such as bonuses, wages and deductions. Not receiving the salary on time and unreasonable variations in it is one of the factors that can make your employees unhappy.

Necessary resources

Employees are likely to be frustrated due to lack of resources. These resources could be necessary machines to work such as computers, utilities such as reliable telephone lines and other work equipment. If these resources are not available, it will immediately decrease the efficiency of the work force. You can provide them with effective online resources such as the ESS system which stands for ‘employee self-service’. It allows them to access and keep a track of personal details such as salary. Visit http://www.bridgebuilderhrms.com/key_function/leave-management/ 

Make them feel appreciated

Most employees feel demotivated and unhappymainly due to the fact that their efforts are not appreciated. It is vital that their success is praised at all times which is has a major impact on motivation. It can provide them with confidence and encouragement to perform better in the future which will have a favourable effect on the organization. Consider giving prizes or salary improvements when an employee performs better.

Thus, it is the responsibility of the senior management to ensure the workers are motivated and work in a favourable environment. If this aspect is neglected, it will lead in a poor productivity and efficacy within the work setting.